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​​including such topics as:

If, How Much, How and When to Integrate
What to Expect/Do/Not Do With Your Deal?
Translating Strategic Intent Into Actions and Measurements: Integration Due Diligence Issues, Checklists and KPIs
Getting Ready: Preparing Your Company to Integrate a New Acquisition
Getting Ready: Preparing Your Company for Sale
Communication Issues and Timing
Road Mapping Your Integration Stages and Process
Strategic and Operational Due Diligence Checklists

In addition to IMO services, Rumson provides project assistance, expertise and training services for companies considering or undertaking an acquisition.

Fees are based upon the complexity and term of the services provided.  IMO leadership assignments are priced as a percentage of the transaction size.  Other services are priced either on a fee-for-scope basis or a daily or hourly rate.

Merging two companies is not like running one big one.  It’s just not.

The value drivers are different.  The processes are different.  The skillsets are different.  It’s just different… completely.

If you get that ... and you want to make your next deal succeed while your core business continues to flourish, Rumson Acquisitions  can help.

Core Advisory Services

Full Integration Management Office services: integration project road-mapping, project management, first 100 days leadership, “well-patient” monitoring (12-18 months)

Project advice and leadership: Pre-closing to Day 100

Pre-closing integration preparations and road mapping

Integration-specific due diligence

Integration preparedness assessment and assistance

Other Project Services

IMO set-up and checklist development
IMO road map creation
Internal and external communications preparedness and execution
CEO/CFO barnstorming
Development of KPIs to track achievement of acquisition’s strategic intent

Seminars, Off-Site Sessions, and Specialized Training,​​

Services & Fees

Rumson Acquisitons'core service involves providing full Integration Management Office (“IMO”) leadership, bringing together the firm’s expertise and project management discipline with a client’s industry knowledge and operational skills.  Think of us as the “guest conductor” of your orchestra: your people are each skilled at their own operational areas; Rumson Acquisitions is skilled at the integration process and at leading diverse teams through wrenching change.  You provide the musicians and we provide the score, the structure and the leadership. 

The result is three-fold: 

  • a significant improvement in the deal’s outcome
  • a meaningful reduction in disturbances to the underlying business
  • more efficient use of senior management's time  as the integration unfolds.