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Rumson Acquisitions is led by Douglas Yorke, a former investment banker with more than 15 years experience in C-level positions at highly acquisitive companies as well as in private investment situations.

A Wharton MBA, Mr. Yorke spent the first 16 years of his career on Wall Street, structuring, funding and executing corporate acquisitions.  Working with Wertheim Schroder and HSBC, he advised companies across an extremely wide range of industries including manufacturing, logistics, retailing, natural resources & chemicals, high technology, health care, media & entertainment, hospitality and others. Working across an enormous array of company sizes and life stages – from privately-held US start-ups to foreign multi-nationals – has given him a deep insight into the consistent themes of what makes a deal succeed or fail.

As a corporate executive he helped GFI Group grow from a modest private company to a public entity that became one of the leading wholesale brokerage firms in the world.  Similarly, he led Chick Packaging’s national roll-up strategy, building it into the largest industrial packaging and crating company in the US.

We do not source deals.

We do not initiate deals.

We do not structure deals.

We do not evaluate deals.

We do not fund deals.

We make deals work.

That’s all.

Rumson Acquisitions is laser-focused on making deals work.  Our entire suite of services is aimed at providing acquisition integration expertise, leadership and support to infrequent corporate acquirers. 

Rumson’s clients want to ensure that they actually realize the expected benefits of their acquisitions; they want to execute the integration with focus and intention without overly sapping resources from their companies’ underlying operations. 

It’s a balancing act and they seek specialized expertise and leadership to achieve it. 

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