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It is far easier to complete an acquisition than to make it actually succeed.

If you approach your next acquisition with that one awareness in mind, your chances of success will soar.


Acquisition Integration

Leadership and Advisory Services

Rumson Acquisitions helps less frequent acquirers make their deals work.  Focused exclusively on guiding the integration process, we bring a deep awareness of what makes acquisitions succeed and fail, disciplined project management and a committed focus aimed at seeing the integration through to its fullness.  It takes time ... but it delivers results.

Rumson Acquisitions serves the lower middle market across a wide range of industries on transactions ranging from $5-50 million in size.

Years and years of statistics show that an enormous percentage of corporate acquisitions fail to achieve their intended benefits.  This is particularly true for companies that are inexperienced at the art 

If you want to make sure that your deal will not be one of the 70-90% that seem to go wrong, Rumson Acquisitions 
can help.